Black's Secret Mineral Make-up is a beauty brand devoted to expressing and enhancing the natural beauty of the woman of colour. The premier mineral makeup company in Africa. We pride ourselves in providing today's women with a make-up experience unparalleled in Africa and beyond. We have created this range with women of colour in mind.

We believe in quality, protection and style.

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Mineral make-up consists of all natural finely ground minerals and is better for your skin compared to traditional make up as mineral formula make-up allows your skin to breathe. Our mineral makeup contains no dye, chemicals, or preservatives and eliminates classic irritants found in traditional makeup.

Black's Secret Mineral Make-up contains naturally occurring sunscreen and provides protection from harmful UVA rays.
When it comes to the sun and your skin, you can never be too careful. With long lasting coverage is covers acne or scarring as well as looking after the skin. Black's Secret Mineral Make-up is light, smooth, natural and gives a long-lasting glow that simply can't be matched.


The Black's Secret Advantage:

  • We have passion for color makeup.
  • We love makeup.
  • We value our products, because we love it.
  • We satisfy you best because we are professionals.
  • We are efficient, innovative and creative.

Black's Secret is a brand by Berlin Investments Limited. We invest in brands for life benefits.

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